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Sweat Elite Coaching Academy
Running and Triathlon Coaching

Train Smarter. Not Harder.
Hyper-Personalised Coaching
For All Abilities.

Sweat Elite Coaching Academy celebrating 1 year! 

To celebrate our one year anniversary, Sweat Elite Coaching Academy will now provide a benefit package upon joining that includes the following: 

  • Free racing/training unisex singlet

  • Free HVMN Ketone-IQ sampler 

  • Free Pillar Performance Triple Magnesium sampler

  • Free Precision Fuel & Hydration gels and drink mix

What is our point of difference?

There are hundreds of great Running & Triathlon Coaching Companies you could choose from.

Why choose the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy?

1. The Sweat Elite Coaching Academy coaches have a combined 39 years of experience in the sport. Through trial and error, the coaches have learned what works and what

doesn't and how to customise training for individuals.

No formal education will trump time on the track and roads.

2. By joining us at the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy you access on online community (hosted by Discord) with over 30 topics relating to running including diet, nutrition, travel, content. 

3. By joining us at the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy you access an online running focused physiotherapist 365 days a year to provide customised advice

about physical performance and injury.

4. By joining us at the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy you will receive a benefit package  that includes racing/training unisex singlet, HVMN Ketone-IQ sampler,  Pillar Performance Triple Magnesium sampler and Precision Fuel & Hydration gels and drink mix. 


Membership at the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy includes:

  • Hyper-personalised training plan (tailored for your specific goals)

  • Elite athlete & coach education

  • Training & racing nutrition guidance

  • Access to the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy discord channel - with daily discussions about all things training and racing 

  • Welcome package that includes racing/training unisex singlet, HVMN Ketone-IQ sampler,  Pillar Performance Triple Magnesium sampler and Precision Fuel & Hydration gels and drink mix.

  • Exclusive brand discounts (Garmin, Precision Fuel & Hydration, SOAR, Pillar Performance and more)

  • Injury and physical therapy advice from a professional physiotherapist based in Colorado, USA.

You can be based anywhere in the world to join us and there are no running standards to join. 


Sweat Elite Coaching Academy offers the training and racing experience of two professional run coaches who have run at an elite level and passed extensive qualification courses. We also offer Strength Training as an additional service.


Matt Fox - Run

2:20 Marathoner, 66:44 Half Marathoner
1:48 800m runner, 
Sweat Elite Founder

1 Athlete Spots Available


Clara Evans - Run

2:25 Marathoner, 70:11 Half Marathoner

Commonwealth Games Finalist

4 Athlete Spots Available

Brand Partners
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Kasper Pedersen - Tri

Pro Triathlete, Pro Triathlete Coach
Over 10 years of experience

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 5.15.51 PM.png

Nathan Dailey - Physio

Highly Qualified Physiotherapist

 Masters in Physical Therapy. 

5 Athlete Spots Available


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Cole, North Carolina

"Since working with Coach Matt Fox for the last year, I've reached an entirely new level of fitness! 

I had plateaued using my own training plans and have seen massive improvements with Coach Matt Fox! I’ve dropped nearly 10 minutes off my marathon PB and am on my way to (hopefully) another PB in a few weeks.


I love the ease of personalized coaching plans, the access to a true expert like Matt Fox, and the feeling of being in best shape of my life. Couldn’t recommend Sweat Elite highly enough!”

Cole- Physician


Jack, London

"Working with Matt Fox has been a total game changer for me. After initially being hesitant to approach Sweat Elite for coaching (believing I wasn’t anywhere near the level I needed to be) Matt  Fox instantly put my mind at ease. It became obvious that he thrives off making you a better athlete, no matter what the starting point is! After the initial consultation regarding my current training status, we touched on things like my life commitments which was really refreshing. Matt Fox bent over backwards to try and strike a balance with work/life and training… quite a challenge in my case with two babies at home! I’m also part of a local running club and he was happy to factor in my weekly group training sessions, recognizing the importance of training with others. 
Practically speaking, Training Peaks is super easy to use: Matt Fox adds the framework of the training block so I know what’s coming, I complete sessions and add feedback, we touch base regularly and Matt Fox makes adjustments based on my feedback and his assessment of the data. 

In the first year working with Matt Fox I have taken my 10k from 51 minutes down to 41 minutes, we have just started a half marathon block where I hope to take my Half PB from 1:42 to under 1:35. I highly recommend working with the Sweat Elite team and joining the community! 

Jack - Actor

Matthew, NYC

"Working with Coach Matt Fox has been a privilege. I have not had a connection or understanding with a coach since I was running in university. I can see and feel the difference in every workout and how the workouts are tailored to my specific goals."

Matthew- Geotechnical Engineer for the US Army. 

Jesse, London

"It has been a really good experience so far working with Coach Matt Fox. Having only begun running at the age of 34, I've learned a lot from working with Matt Fox, both in terms of how he organizes workouts and because he takes the time to clarify things if you have any doubts. Whatever the distance you are targeting, I recommend Coach Matt Fox because he will put together the right training block you need and guide you to a position to make your goals attainable!

There will be more PB’s coming my way!"

Jesse- Fleet Coordinator 

Bella, Adelaide Australia, living in Oxford UK

"I have been working with Matt Fox for over a year now and he has guided me through my first two marathons. I’ve managed to run PBs under his guidance in the 5k, half marathon, and marathon!

Beyond results, he also has a wealth of knowledge on running and many experiences to draw from. He is adaptable to my needs and most importantly, makes sure that I’m enjoying the process! The discord is also a great aspect of the group where we can connect with like-minded runners from all over the world. Looking forward to the journey ahead 🔥."

Bella- Secondary School Teacher 

Carlos, Mexico City

"I wanted to share that my running experience with Coach Matt Fox has been incredibly exciting and super helpful. I've been thoroughly enjoying this journey, and the guidance has played a crucial role in making it so fulfilling. Thank you for your support!"

Carlos- Project Manager at Uber 

Jose, Chicago

"I’ve been training with coach Matt Fox for over a year now, and every single race I’ve done has been a big time PB. More importantly, the confidence boost you get from having someone like Matt Fox  on your team is what makes all the difference. I greatly appreciate the flexibility and individuality of the plan. We’ve done endless adjustments on short and long notice base on pains/sickness/travel/life stresses/goals which is very valuable to me.

Also, the community aspect of SECA is probably the greatest value added. The discord discussions, the constant access to a PT, and just belonging to a team, makes the training much more enjoyable."

Jose - Economics PhD student.

Brenden, USA

"The coaching from Sweat Elite is by far the best value you'll get from any investment you'll make in your running. Not only is Coach Matt Fox coaching helping to drive huge improvements in my fitness, but the value goes so much further. Supportive community, 1:1 support, and a bunch of endurance nerds to talk shop with on topics big and small . 🙂 As long as I'm running, I'll be working with Sweat Elite."

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.

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