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Tom Colville

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Tom Colville is a highly qualified coach with a BSc in Strength & Conditioning science, with nine years of professional experience. He is currently the lead Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach for Millwall FC in London, implementing and overseeing the long-term athletic development program. In addition to his current role he has previously worked at the Royal Ballet school and Fulham football academy. 

Alongside his work in elite sport his passion lies in helping endurance athletes fulfil their potential utilising the latest and greatest in sports science research.

Taking a detailed scientific and individual approach Tom will work backwards from the physical demands of your goal and ensure you have the underpinning physical abilities to achieve this. Utilising gym based strength and power exercises you will experience neuromuscular and morphological adaptations such as increased motor unit firing rate and increased elastic energy return, respectively. These are two primary adaptations that will lead to improved running economy and faster speeds! 

Working with Tom you can expect a rigorous desire for high performance and dedication to help you improve. Let Tom guide you on this journey of improved performance and reduction in injury risk.

Tom works with the run coaches at the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy to offer tailored individualised Strength & Conditioning programs.

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